Hamster Care Tips

Are you looking for a small pet with a big personality? A hamster may be the perfect fit for you! These little furballs are absolutely adorable, and make very fun, cute pets. An Aurora, CO vet discusses hamster care below.

Get A Great Cage

Hammie will spend most of his time in his home, so make sure it’s comfortable for him. The cage size you will need will depend on what type of hamster you get, so check with your vet. You’ll need to add substrate, accessories, chew toys, tunnels, tubes, and, of course, an exercise wheel. Ask your vet for specific tips, including cleaning advice.

Location Location Location

Choosing the right spot for Hammie is very important. Your pet will be happiest if he can see and hear you, but isn’t right in the middle of household traffic. Don’t put the cage in direct sunlight, drafty areas, or in spots with a lot of noise and/or commotion. If you have a dog or cat, raise the cage up off the ground. Finally, you may want to think twice before putting your tiny pal in a child’s bedroom. Hamsters are nocturnal, and sometimes keep youngsters up at night.

Setting In

Give Hammie a few days to adjust. Put a light cloth over his cage during this time. This will help him get used to his new home without being distracted or distressed by what’s happening outside it.

Making Friends

Hamsters are quite friendly. However, you’ll need to gain Hammie’s trust, and then pay attention to him regularly. Give the little guy time to settle in before handling him. Talk to him, give him treats, and pet him gently. When he seems relaxed around you, you can try holding him. Be very gentle with your tiny furball! Use both hands to cup him, and don’t let him fall.

A Good Diet

Hammie can have commercial food for his main meals, but to round out his menu—and give him some variety—you’ll also need to offer other foods. Timothy hay is a good option. Carrots, cucumbers, apples, berries, and spinach are also fine. Your pint-sized pal may also enjoy occasional treats, such as small bits of cheese or cooked egg, or even dog biscuits. Ask your vet for more information.

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