Autumn Care for Older Cats

Autumn is here! This time of year is absolutely gorgeous in Colorado. Many of our feline patients love sitting in windows and watching the leaves fall. However, if your cat is a senior, she could benefit from some extra TLC. Here, an Aurora, CO vet offers some tips on keeping Fluffy content and purring this fall. 

Comfy Beds

Did you know that cats sleep even more when it’s cold or dreary out than they do on sunny days? (We know, you would think Fluffy’s napping schedule is pretty packed already, but she’ll manage.) Make sure your kitty has lots of soft beds to snuggle up in. Pet ramps may help her reach her favorite perches. 

Stay Inside

Going outside is always risky for kitties, but it’s particularly hazardous when it starts getting cold. Frigid temperatures and limited daylight pose additional threats. And, because snow can mask scents and landmarks, your cat is at higher risk of getting lost. Keep Fluffy safe and sound indoors. 


Just like people, cats sometimes get stiff and sore in their golden years. Supplements may help. For example, fish oil is very good for lubricating stiff joints. Fluffy may also benefit from other treatments, such as a soothing massage. Ask your vet for more information.


Older kitties sometimes have a hard time keeping their entire bodies clean. Brushing your pet regularly will remove dead hair and dander from her coat. This will help keep her comfortable, by maximizing the insulating properties of her fur. It will also reduce both the amount of hair Fluffy swallows and the amount she leaves on your sofa. 


Candles can give any home a cozy, welcoming glow. However, they aren’t safe for kitties. It’s much too easy for Fluffy to accidentally stick her tail in one! Keep candles in secure spots, and use grates over fireplaces. 


Just like people, older cats sometimes have issues with their vision or hearing. It gets dark early in fall, so get into the habit of leaving a nightlight on, so Fluffy can find her way around after dark.


Rainy autumn days are great for just relaxing around the house. Settle in with a comfy blanket, a good book or movie, and your purring feline buddy. 

Please contact us, your local Aurora, CO vet clinic, if ever we can be of assistance. We’re here to help! 

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