Summer Pet Hazards

Summer is almost here! Many of our patients love this time of year. However, the sunshine and warm weather does bring a few concerns for pet owners to be aware of. Every season presents specific dangers to pets, and summer is no exception! Here, an Aurora, CO vet lists some summer hazards for pets.


Heat is one of the big concerns here. While this part of the country isn’t as brutal as others, your furry buddy can still overheat on scorching days. Limit your pet’s outdoor time during the hottest part of the day. Don’t forget about the dangers of leaving pets in cars, either. Car temperatures can rise to deadly levels very quickly when it’s really hot out. If you can’t take Fido inside with you, leave him safe and sound at home. Grooming your four-legged buddy regularly will also help.


Dehydration goes hand in hand—or hand in paw—with overheating. Make sure your pet always has fresh water available. If you like to take your dog places with you, bring water along for him. Keep water and a portable doggy water bottle or a collapsible bowl in your car for the pup. Fido and Fluffy may also appreciate pet fountains.


Ticks, mosquitos, bees, wasps … there’s almost no end to the creepy-crawlies that can bite your animal companion. Many insects can transmit dangerous diseases, and some carry other parasites. Keep up with your furry pal’s parasite control regimen!


Snakes and pets can make for a dangerous mix. Don’t let your four-legged friend explore spots that could be housing reptiles!


Fido and Fluffy often enjoy barbeques  just as much as we do. Just be very careful what you offer your pet. A little plain, cooked, boneless meat or chicken is fine, but many of the other things you might throw on the grill aren’t safe for pets. The list of unsafe foods includes corn cobs, avocado, grapes and raisins, garlic and onions, nuts, mushrooms, chocolate, alcohol, and meat on the bone. Ask your vet for more information.


Pools can be deadly, even for pets that enjoy swimming. Keep pools gated off when they aren’t in use. Also, never leave your furry buddy unattended near water. Better safe than sorry!

Please reach out to us for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. As your Aurora, CO animal clinic, we’re here for you! 

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