Going Back to Work? Tips for Helping Your Pet Cope

Are you going back to work soon, after working remotely? A lot of people have mixed feelings about going back to the office, and many have realized they love working from home. Our canine companions also prefer to have their humans close by. If Fido has gotten used to having you around a lot more, he’ll need to adjust to your new routine. An Aurora, CO vet offers some advice on helping your pup with the transition below. 

Start A Routine

Dogs tend to do best when they are on a set schedule. Start getting your pooch used to your work routine ahead of your return to the office. Put Fido in a separate room, when you’re working, and keep the door closed. Just brace yourself for that accusing look. 

Walks And Playtime 

Before leaving for work, take Fido for a walk around the block, and take time to play with him. If your four-legged buddy is tired out, he’ll probably be much calmer. Hopefully, he’ll spend a chunk of the day napping. 

Adjust In Advance

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your canine buddy onto his new routine. If possible, start getting Fido used to his new schedule a few weeks before you go back to the office. 

Offer Mental Stimulation

Man’s Best Friend is very active and curious. If Fido doesn’t have anything to do while you’re gone, he may channel his angst and boredom into mischief. Offer your furry friend lots of fun toys to play with. Puzzle toys are great for this. These can keep pups occupied for hours!

Hire A Dogwalker

If you’ll be gone for a pretty big chunk of time during the day, you may want to consider having someone stop in and take Fido out for a stroll. Mid-day walks and playtime can definitely break up the day, and will help keep that tail wagging! 

Consider Getting Fido A Buddy

This one isn’t going to be the right solution for everyone. Before adopting a dog, you’ll need to consider your schedule, finances, household, and living space, as well as the personalities of both pups. That said, if you have been considering getting a second pooch, go for it! 

As your Aurora, CO pet clinic, we’re dedicated to offering your canine companion great care. Please feel free to contact us anytime! 

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