Cute Ways to Celebrate Dogust

Did you adopt your canine pal from a shelter? If so, today is a pretty special day for Fido: it’s DOGust, the unofficial shelter dog birthday. We think that all dogs deserve loving homes, and we’re always thrilled to meet new patients who have been given second chances at happiness. Read on as an Aurora, CO vet lists some things you can do to celebrate this ‘pawesome’ occasion.


A new toy is a great way to get that tail going. If the weather is nice, take Fido outdoors for a fun play session. The fresh air, exercise, and sunshine will be good for you both!


Treats are the go-to way for celebrating any doggy holiday. Store-bought treats are fine, but if you want to really spoil your canine buddy, make him some pupsicles. Just pour water or sodium-free broth over shredded meat or pieces of kibble, using an ice cube tray, and freeze.


You don’t want to give Fido people cake: most of our desserts contain things like sugar, xylitol, and chocolate, which are definitely not safe for Man’s Best Friend. However, you can buy or make your four-legged friend a pet-safe version. Look online for recipes. Just take care not to use any ingredients that aren’t safe.

New Digs

Want to really go all-out? Get Fido a doghouse to hang out in! Your canine pal may also appreciate a kiddie pool or sandbox. If you want something for indoors, consider getting him a new doggy bed.


Has your furry friend finished his petucation yet? If not, you may want to work on that. Consider enrolling Fido in obedience classes. The time and money will be well worth it in the long run!

Photo Session

We’ll never tire of seeing pictures of our furry patients living their best lives. Snap some photos of your canine buddy enjoying his special day. This can be the start of a great series of shots, one you can add to each year.

Help Out

Don’t forget about all the sweet, lovable pooches that are still stuck in shelters, hoping that someone will adopt them and love them. Spread the word about adoptable pets on social media. You never know: you may change a pup’s life with a few keystrokes!

As your Aurora, CO animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering great care. Contact us anytime!

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