Fluffy’s Summer Plans

Summer is in full swing now, and many people are working their way through all the things that were put on hold last year. As it turns out, our feline buddies also have a few things on their agendas for the next few months. A local Aurora, CO veterinarian lists a few of them in this article.


Have you ever noticed how relaxed and content Fluffy looks when she is sprawled out in her favorite sunbeam? Cats may not be cold-blooded, but they certainly do enjoy basking. Make sure your sun-loving pet has a comfy spot to sprawl out in.


Our feline pals are living, purring examples of the art of zen. Fluffy will spend a good chunk of summer stretched out somewhere, with her eyes closed and her motor going. She may also try some different napping positions, or work on her imitation of melted cheese.

Moth Patrol

Your furry buddy won’t spend the whole summer lounging around. Sooner or later, she’s going to find an invader on her territory, and go after it with full kitty fury!

Personal Care

No matter what time of year it is, your fuzzy little buddy will pay close attention to her beauty routine. Fluffy will take time every day to groom herself, and keep her fur clean and shiny. Help her out by brushing her regularly to remove dead fur and dander from her coat.


It’s always fun seeing the birds and squirrels emerging in spring. Cats can spend hours just daydreaming and spying on local wildlife! Make sure Fluffy has a comfy spot in front of a window with a good view. (Or, better yet, make her a catio.)

Delivery Service

This one’s for the outdoor kitties. Fluffy’s hunting skills are often put to the test at this time of year. Don’t be surprised if you find your tiny little predator proudly depositing some ‘presents’ on your doorstep. (Note: Cats’ affinity for hunting is one reason we recommend keeping them indoors. Our feline friends kill billions of small animals every year!)

Be Adorable

Kitties have their own special way of putting smiles on our faces, and bringing love and joy into our homes. Pamper Fluffy a bit this summer, and offer her some new toys or beds, or perhaps some catnip.

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