5 Things That Affect Your Dog’s Personality

Here at Aspen Commons Animal Hospital, we see dogs of all shapes and sizes. Our canine patients all have their own personalities. We have goofy, friendly patients; timid, anxious patients; and a few that are a bit on the grouchy side. There are actually quite a few things that shape Fido’s character. An Aurora, CO vet goes over some of them below.


Breed definitely plays a huge role in Fido’s demeanor and temperament. That’s because a good part of your four-legged friend’s personality is tied to what his ancestors were bred to do. For instance, herding dogs may try to corral their humans, while Golden Retrievers love swimming, even if there’s nothing to retrieve. This is also why many little dogs are so cuddly: many small breeds were bred to be companion dogs.


Breed isn’t the only thing that affects your furry friend’s demeanor. Fido also has his own innate personality. This will be apparent from puppyhood, just as early signs of character quickly become evident in human babies. Even puppies from the same litter may have quite different personalities.


How Fido was—or wasn’t—socialized plays a huge role in his nature. Dogs that weren’t socialized properly tend to be much more wary of strange people and places. This also makes them more prone to anxiety and aggression, especially when faced with unfamiliar faces or locations. Socialization must happen when your pooch is a puppy, as it’s an important part of helping him form a positive, open opinion about life. That doesn’t mean older dogs can’t be socialized, but it is much more difficult.


Fido’s history and experiences also factor in. Unfortunately, not all of our canine friends spend their whole lives being loved and pampered. There are far too many unlucky dogs who have been neglected, abandoned, and/or abused. While every pooch will react to trauma and bad experiences differently, these things do change them.


Last but not least, your furry buddy’s physical and mental condition also affect his demeanor. If Fido is ill or injured, he probably won’t be very cheerful! Stress, loneliness, and anxiety can also play huge roles. Keep up with your pup’s veterinary care needs, and be sure to give him great TLC and lots of attention.

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