Cute Ways To Celebrate Golden Retriever Day

Is your canine buddy a Golden Retriever? If so, you’ll want to put a doggy pawprint on your calendar for February 3rd: it’s Golden Retriever Day! These lovable pups definitely deserve a special day of their own. A local Aurora, CO vet lists some cute ways to celebrate in this article.

Grooming Session

Make sure Fido puts his best paw forward for the big day. Goldens tend to shed all year long, so frequent brushing is a must. Dental care and nail trims are also important. Give your pooch a good brushing, or bring him to the salon for a full beauty treatment.

Photo Shoot

After Fido’s beauty session, snap some cute pictures of your freshly-groomed pet. It’s almost impossible to take bad pictures of Goldens. They’re absolutely adorable, and they have that charming doggy ‘smile’ that is truly contagious. Share your favorites on social media to help spread the word about this ‘pawspicious’ occasion.


Your canine pal deserves a treat! Given that it is Fido’s special day, something extra yummy would not be inappropriate.


Goldens are almost impossibly cute, especially when they’re feeling playful. These cheerful, active pups excel at many ‘serious’ doggy sports, such as dock diving. However, Man’s Best Friend also just enjoys being a dog, and playing simple games like Fetch. Pick up a new toy for your furry friend, and indulge him with a play session.

Learn Something New

One of the many wonderful things about Goldens is the fact that they’re so eager to please. (This doesn’t necessarily keep them out of mischief, but that’s another topic.) Fido does need training, though. Take some time to work with your canine companion. If Fido already knows basic obedience commands, teach him a cute trick, like Shake or Roll Over.


Goldens have starred in quite a few movies, including Air Bud and its sequels, Homeward Bound, A Dog’s Purpose, and The Art of Racing In The Rain. Your pooch will be more than happy to snooze at your feet or on the couch. Fido is a great movie night cuddle buddy!.


Do you enjoy reading? Pick up a book about Fido, and do some breed-specific research. There’s always something more to learn about Man’s Best Friend!

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