Drink Wine With Your Cat Week

There’s a new kitty observance on the calendar. Drink Wine With Your Cat Week is the somewhat-natural pairing of Drink Wine Day, which is February 18th, with Love Your Pet Day, which falls on the 20th. An Aurora, CO vet discusses this ‘purrfect’ pairing below.

Benefits Of Cats

Kitties actually provide many similar benefits to wine. Fluffy helps lower our blood pressure, which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease. Cats are also very relaxing and comforting, and are even good for our immune systems. They are also comedy gold, which is wonderful for our mental and emotional health. 

Benefits Of Wine

Wine actually has been shown to have some distinct benefits … as long as it is consumed in healthy amounts. It lowers your blood pressure, is rich in antioxidants, helps regulate blood sugar, and may even be helpful for your memory. If wine is good for us, and cats are good for us, then one may assume that drinking wine with your kitty is even better. There is some truth to this: everyone needs to unwind!

Quiet Nights In

A glass of wine at night can be quite relaxing. Enjoy a good book or movie, and light a candle for a more relaxing ambiance. Fluffy, no doubt, will be happy to join you, whether she’s snuggled up on your lap or sprawled out at your feet. Just don’t be surprised if she sticks her paw in your glass or even knocks it over. That’s just purr for the course with our feline friends!


You don’t have to leave your kitty out of the fun. In fact, Pet Winery—one of the creators of Drink Wine With Your Cat Week—makes a wine that is specifically for our feline friends. Fluffy’s vintage is infused with catnip and salmon. You can browse their cat bar selections here.

Other Options

We know, wine isn’t for everyone. If you don’t care for it, you can enjoy a non-alchoholic wine. Or, settle in with some juice, tea, coffee, or water, or perhaps a flavored seltzer. The greater ‘purrpose’ here isn’t really to encourage people to drink: it’s to encourage them to relax. If there’s one thing cats can help us out with, it’s unwinding after a long day! 

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