Celebrating The Boxer

Boxers are a very popular breed here in the US. In fact, these fun, lovable pups are currently the 14th most popular breed. Here, an Aurora, CO vet shines the spotlight on this very good boy.

Boxer Basics

Boxers are medium-sized dogs: adult males usually stand between 23 and 25 inches tall and can weigh up to 80 pounds, on average. Females are about 21 to 24 inches tall, and can weigh up to 65 pounds. 


The Boxer originated in Germany in the 1800’s, and is descended from bull baiting dogs, such as the Bullenbeisser, a hunting dog that was popular in Europe as far back as the 16th century. These pups were mixed with bulldogs and mastiffs, as well as other breeds, such as the Great Dane and Mastiff. Fido’s first job was to assist butchers by herding cattle in slaughterhouses. This may explain where his name came from: the term ‘boxl’ means ‘slaughterhouse’ in German. However, it’s also possible that the name Boxer came from the way they use their paws when playing, which looks a lot like a boxer sparring. Fido reached the US not long after World War II, and has been charming us ever since. It’s also worth mentioning that Boxers were one of the first breeds used as police dogs. 


Boxers offer everything one may want in a dog. They are smart, loyal, lovable, and hardworking. They’re also lots of fun! Fido likes to work hard and play hard, but is also both patient and protective. These faithful pooches are great with kids, and can make wonderful family pets. They are very active and athletic, and need at least 40 minutes of exercise each day. Fido may snore and drool a bit more than other pups, but he makes up for it with his affection, devotion, and hilarious antics. 


Boxers are brachycephalic, and, like other brachys, can be prone to breathing issues and shortness of breath. They also don’t do well in very hot or cold weather, so you’ll need to take care to keep Fido comfy extreme weather. Like any other breed, the boxer needs a proper diet, regular activity, proper veterinary care, and, of course, lots of love. Ask your vet for specific care tips.

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