Tips For Responsible Dog Ownership

September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month. Fido’s most essential needs include food, shelter, and proper veterinary care, but a great dog care regimen involves a bit more than that. Read on as an Aurora, CO vet lists some tips for becoming a great dog owner.

Keep Up With Grooming

Fido may not be happy about having to bathe, but he’ll be much more comfortable with a proper beauty care regimen. That includes not just brushing and bathing, but also dental care and nail trims, which are often overlooked. Some dogs also require medical grooming, such as ear hair trims.

Get Your Canine Buddy Fixed

If your pooch hasn’t been spayed or neutered yet, we strongly recommend getting this done. Not only can this help prevent unwanted litters, it also benefits Fido’s health and behavior. Ask your vet for more information.

Don’t Skip ID

Identification products, such as tags and microchips, may be small, but they are absolutely crucial. Make sure your pup is chipped and wearing ID tags.

Train Your Pet Properly

Training can make a huge difference in your pet’s behavior. It also has a massive impact on your relationship with Fido. If your canine pal doesn’t follow orders and/or displays bad behaviors, you may find yourself becoming frustrated with him. Training is key for safety reasons as well. If you’re not sure how to proceed, or are having trouble, reach out to a professional.

Offer Enrichment

Fido’s physical health is very important, but you’ll also need to keep up with his emotional and mental health. Keep that tail going by making sure your pet is getting enough stimulation. That includes toys, walks, playtime, and even things like snuffle mats.

Keep Your Pet Safe

There’s almost no end to the ways dogs can get themselves into trouble. One of the most common incidents would be eating or chewing something that isn’t safe. That could be anything from a rubber band to a toxic food or plant. Fido is very curious, and he likes to investigate things by, well, eating them. Keep up with petproofing, and be careful about the food and treats you offer. Always keep your furry friend in a comfy, contained, and safe environment.

Tail Wags

The secret ingredient in a good dog care regimen? Love! Spend time with Fido every day, and keep that cute tail going.

Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Aurora, CO animal clinic, today!

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