Autumn Hikes With Fido

One great thing about having a dog: you have a buddy who is always happy to accompany you on walks. Fall is a perfect time of year for taking a long stroll or hike with your canine buddy. However, there are a few safety concerns to consider before you hit the trail. A local Aurora, CO vet outlines some of them below.

Safety Basics

Make sure that Fido is current on all recommended vaccines and parasite control. He should also be microchipped and wearing ID tags. A collar with GPS tracking isn’t a bad idea either, especially if your pooch likes to run off. It’s also much safer to keep your four-legged friend leashed at all times.


Autumn is a peak time for leptospirosis, a very dangerous disease. Fido can catch it simply by going through areas that infected animals have passed through. Wet areas, such as bogs and muddy fields, are the biggest risk, but any place where you may come across deer, raccoons, or other wild animals have been is a risk. Ask your vet for more information.

Hunting Season

Put an orange vest or bandana on your canine buddy before heading to the woods. It’s best to wear something like that yourself as well. Vigilance will also pay here. If you don’t know when local seasons start and stop, check before heading out to a rural area.

Be Wary Of Wildlife

You’ll need to be extra vigilant about wild animals in fall: many are getting ready to hibernate, and may be extra grumpy. You also don’t want Fido having an altercation with a skunk or porcupine. It’s best to err on the side of caution, and bring some form of protection along, such as bear spray.

Seasonal Flora

Many types of autumn foliage, such as mushrooms and chrysanthemums, are toxic to pets. Don’t let your furry buddy treat that pretty trail as a lunch buffet!


This may be easier said than done, but try not to let Fido drink from rivers and streams, ponds, and especially puddles. The water could be contaminated! Bring water along with you. Purification tablets aren’t a bad thing to keep on hand, either.

Tail Wags

This can be a beautiful time of year to enjoy scenery and foliage with your canine pal. Time spent with dogs is never wasted!

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