Fun Facts About Guinea Pigs

Is a Guinea pig part of your household? These charming little furballs are more popular than many people realize: they’re actually the third most popular pet in many states. Read on as a local Aurora, CO vet lists some things you may not know about your pint-sized pal.

They’re Light Sleepers

Cats are undoubtedly the napping champions of the animal kingdom. Guinea pigs are actually at the other end of the spectrum here: they usually only sleep about 4 hours a day.

They Can Learn Tricks

One reason that cavies are so much fun? You can actually teach them tricks. Once your tiny pal has learned to trust you, you may be able to teach him things like Sit Up or Turn In Circles.

Grow Up Fast

Guinea pigs mature very quickly: they can reproduce at just one month old. In fact, these guys are born with all their fur, immediately open their eyes, and can run and jump at just one hour old.

They Wheek

We all know that dogs bark and cats meow, but did you know that cavies also have a sound? This is officially—or perhaps unofficially—known as a Wheek and yes, it’s as cute as it sounds.

They’re Affectionate

Guinea pigs are much more affectionate than other pocket pets. In fact, some of them even like to snuggle up on their owners’ laps!

They’re Sociable

Guinea pigs are very sociable, and can get quite lonely without any friends or buddies to hang out with. In fact, they get so depressed without pals that it’s illegal in Sweden to have just one.

Naming Confusion

Ever wonder how Guinea pigs got their names? It’s logical to assume that these guys were originally from Guinea, but they actually come from Peru. Even more confusing … they aren’t pigs.

There Are Breeds

According to the American Cavy Breeders association, there are 12 official Guinea pig breeds. While they are all a lot alike, there are distincitive differences between them, both in appearance and personality.

They Don’t Like Rabbits

It may seem logical to keep a Guinea pig and bunny together, but this isn’t the case. These guys often just don’t get along with Floppy.

They Have Their Own Dance

Happy Guinea pigs do something called the popcorn, in which they jump straight up. Have we mentioned how adorable cavies are?

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