National Fire Pup Day

Today is officially National Fire Pup Day! It’s no surprise what breed is going to be in the Spotlight for this one … the Dalmatian! These pretty, intelligent pooches have been helping firemen for much longer than many people realize. In fact, Fido started this line of work long before fire trucks even existed! An Aurora, CO veterinarian discusses the Dalmatian in this article.


Fido jumped into the official AKC registry in 1888, but he’s been around for much longer than that. Depictions of spotted dogs have been found in art dating back to ancient Egypt! Our canine pals’ more recent history begins in Dalmatia, which is part of what we now know as Croatia.

Horsing Around

Have you ever wondered how the Dalmatian became known as an iconic fire pup? It turns out that Dalmatians tend to naturally get along very well with horses. Because of this, they became very popular carriage dogs. They soon became fixtures for fire houses. Not only did they help keep horses calm at fires, they also helped protect them from thieves. They also ran with carriages, helping move people out of the way. While Fido is no longer needed to calm horses, he has proven to be great for morale, and is still a fixture in many firehouses today.

Fun Facts

Every breed has their own unique history and physiology, and these spotted pooches are no exception. Dalmatians coats are pure white when they are born. Those iconic spots start appearing when the pups are about three weeks old. Another thing that many people don’t know about the breed? Fido was once a circus performer. He’s also skilled at hunting, herding, and ratting.


Dalmatians are usually very sweet and lovable. They’re also both very smart and very energetic. Fido may not be the right pooch for someone who wants a calm, lazy dog. Proper training is critical with these guys. Like any other intelligent, active breed, they can get restless if bored, which can lead to all sorts of mischief.


How does one celebrate Fire Pup Day? You can’t go wrong with the Disney classic 101 Dalmatians. The remake is also worth a watch, as is the more recent Cruella. In the mood for something darker? The Hound Of The Baskervilles is a great classic, and a good option for a chilly autumn night.

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