How To Make Your Pet Feel Loved

Pets make incredible companions, providing us with comfort, friendship, and endless snuggles. They also offer us live entertainment, endless snuggles, and, perhaps most importantly, unconditional love. Our bonds with these animals can be incredibly strong, but they must be built on mutual affection and trust. Below is some insight from a local Aurora, CO veterinarian on this topic.

Training And Tricks

Many dogs love learning new things. Fido also looks very proud of himself for mastering a new command. Of course, we can’t forget our feline friends. Some kitties do learn tricks! For instance, there are a lot of kitties who teach themselves to play fetch with their owners.

Pets can become incredibly attached to their humans, but this bond and relationship don’t happen on their own. Small touches can go a long way to improve your pet’s quality of life. Just like people, pets require love to truly thrive and be happy. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to get Fido’s tail wagging or Fluffy purring. However, for those who want to ensure their pet feels loved, continue reading!

Communicate With Your Pet

Our furry pals are very smart. For instance, the average dog can learn about 165 words, but some super smart pooches can learn up to 250. We might not know exactly how many words Fido understands, but it’s definitely quite a bit. (Cats are a bit of a mystery here, but that’s only to be expected.)

Talking to your pet is always beneficial, even if they can’t understand what you’re saying. In fact, what you’re saying isn’t nearly as important as how you say it. The sound of your voice will soothe and comfort your pet. They’ll also know that you’re communicating with them. Use a gentle, friendly tone. Many pets enjoy ‘baby talk,’ but this isn’t a requirement. 

Take note of how your pet reacts to you. Your furry friend may become more interactive when you’re chatting with them. When you ask Fido a question, he may tilt his head with that adorable questioning look. Fluffy may purr and rub her head against you in response. Some pets even ‘talk’ back, which is both adorable and hilarious.

Make Regular Appointments With Your Aurora, CO Veterinarian

While we know that Fido and Fluffy prefer to stay at home rather than visit their doctor, they still need proper health care, just like humans do. Aside from keeping up with their regular appointments, it’s important to keep an eye out for any signs of illness. If you notice any signs of sickness or discomfort, call your Aurora, CO animal clinic immediately.

Make Time To Play With Your Pet

Playing with Fido and Fluffy is great for bonding, and can also help them feel safe and loved. This is also beneficial for your little buddy, both mentally and physically. It keeps your pet fit and strong, which is important for their health. It also provides stimulation and entertainment.

Try out different toys and games and see what your pet likes the best. Our animal friends are all unique, and they all have preferences for how they like to play. For example, one cat may love smacking ice cubes around the kitchen floor, while another might be obsessed with catching a red dot from a laser pointer. Check with your Aurora, CO veterinarian to ensure that you’re choosing safe and suitable games for your pet.

Your Pet Deserves Your Love

As expected, petting your furry friend is a simple and straightforward way to show them love and affection.  Don’t be shy about giving your pet belly rubs, ear scritches, and forehead pets. 

Many pets thrive on feeling loved. Snuggles can have a calming effect on you both! Cuddling with pets causes the release of oxytocin, a hormone also released during mother-baby cuddle sessions that strengthen feelings of security and affection.

jUST never impose attention on pets, as this can make them uncomfortable or fearful. 

Provide Those Small Comforts

Our furry companions are walking reminders of how important it is to appreciate the little things. Cats, for instance, are pretty much universally obsessed with boxes. Give Fluffy that empty Amazon box to look adorable in! 

Napping spots are also important. As you may have noticed, kitties will sleep on pretty much anything. This can make a huge difference in their quality of life. Put soft folded blankets in boxes, baskets, or on ottomans to create several cozy napping spots for Fluffy.

Dogs, particularly seniors and large dogs, benefit greatly from orthopedic beds. Fido needs warmth and support to sleep comfortably! Pups with thin fur may need jackets in winter, while those with allergies may be more comfortable if you wipe their paws down after going for a walk in pollen season.

Smaller pets will enjoy things like hides, bedding, cozies, and tunnels. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Maintain Your Pet’s Grooming Needs

Pets often show mutual love and affection by grooming each other. While some pets require more beauty care than others, even brushing your pet can help them feel secure and loved. Baths count, too! Fido may not be particularly fond of bathtime, but having soft, clean fur will make him much more comfortable, and therefore happier. Don’t forget to take care of his nails and teeth!

As for smaller pets, they may appreciate dust baths, or perhaps getting gently wiped down. Ask your veterinarian for specific care needs.

Bring Your Pet New Toys

It’s adorable to see our pets’ excitement when we introduce them to a new toy. It doesn’t matter how many toys Fluffy and Fido already have; they’re always eager to play with something new! Be sure to regularly switch out their toys. If budget is a concern, try making your own. There are lots of great playthings you can make using items you already have. For example, old shirts or jeans can be repurposed into fun toys for your pet, such as a rope for Fido or a catnip mouse for Fluffy. There are also lots of great options for pocket pets. Just stick with safe, suitable options. 

Learn Pet Body Language

Pets cannot communicate their feelings verbally, so we must rely on nonverbal cues to understand them. Most people know the basics, but there are many subtleties that are easily overlooked. For instance, if your cat is feeling anxious, she may sit in a hunched position, while if your dog is uncertain, he may wag his tail slowly. Take the time to learn about your pet and what they are telling you with their stance, expression, and behavior.

Stimulation And Enrichment

Keeping your pet entertained shouldn’t only mean giving them toys. Cats are safer staying inside, but they enjoy looking out windows and watching birds and squirrels. Fido will benefit from regular walks and playtime, too. You can also improve your pet’s quality of life by doing small things, like leaving the lights and TV on when you leave them alone at home.


Pets are very curious and inquisitive. Make sure your pet has a chance to explore and investigate things. For smaller pets, like Guinea pigs and bunnies, this may mean daily time out of their cage. For Fluffy, you can provide furniture and things for her to climb and explore. Dog parks and trails, of course, are popular places to visit with Fido.


As your local Aurora, CO veterinary clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care. If your pet is due for an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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