Interesting Facts About Fluffy

Did you know that cats are one of the drowsiest animals in the world? This shouldn’t be a big surprise: we all know that these lovable furry little creatures are, for some reason, very tired. As it turns out, our feline pals are full of curious quirks! The article from an Aurora, CO vet tells you some things about your cat that you might not have known.


Kitty GPS Systems


A recent study found that Fluffy mentally maps out her domains, which she uses to keep track of where you are. It’s kind of like a GPS app for cats, with you as the moving icon.


Turns Out, Most Cats Do Not Really Like Milk

We’ve all seen images of adorable cats happily drinking milk. But most adult cats can’t digest processed milk. In fact, Fluffy might get sick from drinking it! 


The misconceptions might have come from the time when a lot of people had their own cattle. Raw milk has lactase in it. Lactase is an enzyme that helps cats (and people) digest lactose. Cats and humans both make this enzyme. But when kitties stop nursing, their bodies stop making it. They actually become lactose-intolerant at that point.


Literary Kitties


Fluffy certainly has left her pawprints on history. There are manuscripts from the Middle Ages that have cat paw prints on the pages. 


Fluffy Influenced Language

The word for quotation marks in Hungarian is macskaköröm, which also means “cat claws.”


When It’s Raining Cats And Dogs

This particular saying seems to come from older times, when people used to have thatched roofs. On rainy nights, Fluffy could easily fall through the ceiling. 


The Cat’s Meow

It became common for flappers to call someone they thought was cool “cat” in the 1920s. This saying stuck around for a while, and people still use it that way sometimes today!


Jealousy In A Fur Coat

In 1995, a green cat was born in Denmark. Copper in the pipes in the area may have caused the kitty’s strange color.


Cats Don’t Just Purr When They’re Pleased.

You have to admit that it’s pretty cute that cats can literally vibrate with happiness. Fluffy doesn’t just purr when she’s content, though. Cats also purr when they’re feeling sick, stressed, or giving birth to their kittens. It’s likely that this is a way for them to soothe themselves.


Kitty Purrs Are A Bit Magic


If we could talk to cats and ask them about themselves, we’d want to learn more about purring. Kitties purr at frequencies that fall within a certain range, usually between 25 and 150 Hertz. Researchers have discovered that these frequencies can make bones stronger and help them heal. Some people even use them in therapy!


And Meow, A Word About Fluffy’s Favorite Plant

One of the funniest things about Fluffy is that she is totally hooked on catnip, which is actually a member of the Mint family. Cats’ cute little noses have scent receptors that work perfectly with the scent molecules that catnip gives off.


A Language for Everyone

Is your pet a furry little chatterbox? The meow is one of the few words that translates very similarly into many languages. 


Here are a few examples:


  • Meu – Catalan
  • Mao –  Chinese
  • Miaav  –  Danish
  • Miauw  –  Dutch
  • Miau or Kurnau  –  Finnish
  • Miaou  –  French 
  • Naiou  –  Greek
  • Miau or Miya  –  Hebrew
  • Miaaau  –  Hungarian
  • Nyan  –  Japanese
  • Mjau  –  Norwegian
  • Miau  –  Portuguese
  • Miau  –  Spanish


Our Feline Friends Have Changed Careers Several Times

Today, many cats mostly live the life of spoiled pets, relaxing in warm, sunny places, curling up on their humans’ laps, and generally enjoying life. 


Fluffy has, however, tried to have a go at a few other jobs. She’s had stints as a smuggler, a therapist, a spy, and even a politician. In Japan, there is even a cat that runs a train station!


Something she did not do purrticularly well? Getting mail. In the 1870s, Belgium tried to teach cats how to deliver mail. That experiment went pretty much as you would expect. (Spoiler: there are no mail cats delivering letters in Belgium these days.)


Fluffy May Be Allergic To You

It’s likely that you know somebody that’s allergic to cats. But did you know that kitties can be allergic to humans? A study from 2005 found that around 1 in 200 cats have feline asthma. One of the (very) few bad things about Fluffy living inside is that pollen, cat litter, and cigarette smoke can bother her. 


Kitties May Spend Half Their Time Grooming Themselves

There’s no question that our feline friends are very clean. Grooming isn’t just for looks; it also helps cut down on the odors kitties give off. (Smells are a big part of survival in the wild, so this is very important.) In addition, grooming helps kitties’ circulation. 


That beauty regime also helps your cat stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer by maximizing the insulating properties of her fur.


Color Coordinated

Have you ever noticed that brown cats are rare? Actually, you might see them more often than you think. If you have a black cat, take a close look at her fur when she’s in the sun. It’s actually brown. 


Of course, that doesn’t explain why we don’t see many cats with lighter brown coats. Why? No one is sure.


Fashion Forward

Our feline buddies can wear a variety of patterns, such as tabby, parti-color, tortie, and calico. The color of Fluffy’s skin actually shows the patterns of her fur. Her paw pads, or “toe beans” as some people call them, also match her outfit.


Ginger Magic


About eighty percent of red-haired cats are males. Female gingers are quite rare. That’s because the gene for orange fur is on the X chromosome. That means that both parents must give the gene to a female kitten. For boys, though, only one parent needs to be a redhead.


Red Paws


You may think the term “cat burglar” came from the fact that cats can be extremely silent and stealthy. Turns out it might have been a little more on the nose than that. Some cats steal things and then bring them back to their human companions. The list of things Fluffy has taken is quite extensive.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Clothes 
  • Socks
  • Hair Ties 
  • Underwear
  • Stuffed Animals
  • Inhalers
  • Jewelry
  • Key Chains
  • Id Cards 
  • Money


This may be amusing, but there is a more serious aspect to it: Fluffy steals quite a few things that are very dangerous for her to swallow, such as hair ties and rubber bands. If your little friend has red paws, keep small and sharp things out of reach. Ask your Aurora, CO veterinarian for more petproofing tips.


No Matter What Name You Call Us, We Love Cats

Do you like cats?  If you’re reading this, we’re guessing that would be a yes. That makes you an ailurophile! The word comes from the Greek words ailouros, which means “cat,” and phile, which means “lover.”


Do you have concerns about the health or care of your cat? Get in touch with us today at your local Aurora, CO pet hospital! We are dedicated to offering your feline pal ‘purrfect’ veterinary care.

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