Camping with Dogs

Are you looking forward to some camping trips this summer? Fido is part of the family too, so he may really enjoy spending time in the woods. You’ll need to take a few precautions to keep your pooch safe and healthy while camping. In this article, a Southeast Denver vet offers tips for camping with dogs.

Things to Consider

Just like people, not all dogs are suited for camping. Pups with short legs may get exhausted on the trail, while dogs with strong hunting or aggressive instincts could get into trouble. You don’t want Fido picking a fight with a porcupine! Ask yourself if your canine pal is well suited to roughing it before deciding to bring him along.


All dogs should know and obey the five basic commands, which are Sit, Stay, Heel, Come, and Lay Down. Make sure Fido knows these commands and obeys them, even when distracted. There are a few additional commands that you may find useful. For instance, teaching your pup to Leave It can help keep him from picking up the snake he just found!


If your camping trips include a lot of hiking, start training your dog months in advance to slowly build his endurance. That way you won’t find yourself with a struggling, exhausted pooch on your hands.

Tick Spray

Make sure to keep up with Fido’s flea and tick prevention. You can spray your pooch’s bedding down for extra protection. Also, bring tools to remove ticks, like tweezers or a tick remover, as well as an antiseptic spray, in case you find one lurking in your canine buddy’s fur.

First Aid

Always bring first aid kits for both you and your canine buddy. Fido’s kit should contain basic medical supplies, such as gauze and antiseptic spray, as well as pet first-aid brochures, a muzzle, a thermal blanket, and non-stick bandages. Paw pad injuries are common on trails, so check those furry feet frequently.


You’ll need to bring Fido’s food and snacks, as well as plenty of fresh water if it isn’t available on-site. You can now buy neat plastic bowls that fold up to fit right into your wallet. Blankets, clothing, and flotation devices are also recommended. Don’t forget to bring plastic bags for Fido’s waste!

Do you have questions about your canine pal’s health, care, or behavior? Call us, your Southeast Denver vet clinic.

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