Resolutions For Confused Cats

Happy New Year! And, to our feline patients, an early Happy Mew Year. Fluffy decided that her new year should start tomorrow, though we aren’t sure if this was because she is confused, or because she is just marching to the beat of her own drum. Read on as a local Aurora, CO vet lists a few of the things your furry little friend may want to sort out this year.

How To Avoid The Vet

Your kitty will be much healthier—and therefore both happier and more comfortable—with proper care. Of course, Fluffy doesn’t exactly see it that way. Nor does she understand why every so often she has to tolerate being put into a carrier, taken on a car ride, and then (gently)  poked and prodded. 

Figure The Dog Out

Although Fido and Fluffy don’t always get along, some dogs and cats form very strong bonds. However, Man’s Best Friend just doesn’t make much sense to his feline roommates. After all, dogs actually obey commands, don’t use litterboxes, and never clean themselves. 

Catch The Red Dot

Kitties have been chasing after laser pointers for a few decades now, but they haven’t really gotten any closer to capturing their mysterious victims. This may finally be the year Fluffy figures out her elusive prey!


Our feline pals definitely follow their own rules when it comes to physics. On the one hand, kitties are very lithe and can be quite graceful. Fluffy is capable of some pretty impressive athletic feats, such as climbing walls and turning mid-air. She also sometimes rolls off beds or sofas for no reason at all. 

Catch The Sunbeam

You may notice your drowsy little buddy moving from one spot to another as she cycles between napping spots for her 53 daily naps. However, there’s a good chance that she can often be found snoozing in sunny spots, especially in the mornings. Your furry pal may be wondering where her favorite sunbeam goes, and why it isn’t available 24/7.


It’s probably a good thing that cats don’t have opposable thumbs. Fluffy would very likely eat every can of food in the house, and then collapse into a kitty food coma. 

All of us here at Aspen Commons Animal Hospital, your Aurora, CO want to wish you a wonderful new year. Please contact us for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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