Begging In Dogs

Does your canine companion suddenly become extra adorable when he notices you have a yummy snack? Man’s Best Friend is very, very skilled at begging. This may be cute, but it’s bad petiquette. It can also be dangerous, as Fido could end up with something that isn’t safe for him, such as grapes or raisins. A Aurora, CO vet discusses Fido’s dinnertime theatrics below.

Food Aggression

One of the dangers of begging is that some dogs will just keep getting pushier and pushier. Fido may eventually get bold enough to just steal food off the table. This can lead to aggressive behavior, which you definitely don’t want. If your furry friend is getting too pushy, consult your vet or a professional behaviorist.


Does your canine pal have bad table manners? When you have company, put Fido in a separate area during meals. Some people get quite uncomfortable around or intimidated by begging. Others may take it upon themselves to discipline your pooch.


Be extra vigilant when there are little ones around. Young children may innocently try to share snacks with pets, not realizing that Fido can’t eat the same things we can. 

Healthy Compromise

It’s probably safe to say that many people are well aware of all the above points, but just can’t resist their pups’ adorable furry faces. If you absolutely can’t help but give in, at least stick with healthy foods. Offer your four-legged friend a green bean or carrot stick instead of that burger he’s eyeballing. 

Make Him Work

There’s nothing wrong with giving Fido treats, as long as you do it properly. A great rule of thumb? Have your furry pal do a trick for his snack. This is also super helpful for reinforcing training! 

Steeling Yourself

The best way to stop Fido from begging? Don’t encourage him! Even if your canine buddy only ‘scores’ on one out of five tries, those are still pretty good odds as far as he’s concerned! Keep in mind that dogs have been at our sides—and at our feet—for about 30,000 years. Fido’s had plenty of time to practice that sad stare that tugs at our heartstrings. Don’t fall for it! Remind yourself that you’re not doing yourself or your cute pet any favors by overindulging him.

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